Medical Device Hackathon

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th
January 2019

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Innovation Dojo is bringing a group of academics and students from a prestigious university medical faculty in Japan to form teams with local Sydney people who care about solving big health related problems with an international innovation approach.

  1. 01Acquire a new skill BY DOING IT

  2. 02Overcome cross-cultural multi-lingual challenges BY DOING IT

  3. 03Build a global network of like-minded health and medical innovators

We would like you to participate in the Medical Device Hackathon to bring new ideas to the challenges of health, improving the quality of life and saving lives!

Innovation Dojo has been running successful cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship programs since 2016. With companies like Hitachi and Orange Fab Asia, universities like UNSW, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kyushu University with a formula that sees talent solve social and business problems solved with an innovative approach. Cutting edge startups such as VR for language learning company V-KAIWA have been formed, startups looking to enter Japan like health tech startup Beacohealth has been supported with Japan market entry and Japan based researchers such as the team behind LifeChair are being assisted for the launch of their product in Australia. A trusted group of experts run and guide Innovation Dojo and the company has unparalleled capabilities and networks across Australasia in the innovation and startup sphere.

Kysuh Uni


With a rapidly ageing population and a shrinking workforce, Japan is one of the world’s oldest societies. Now analysts fear that these demographics are hampering economic growth.  Decades of improving life expectancy and falling birth rates have produced a rapidly aging and shrinking population. The demographic shift is threatening the existence of rural communities, contributing to a ballooning public debt and starving the economy of labor.

Australia's older generation (those aged 65 and over) continues to grow and is projected to more than double by 2057. The ageing of the population creates both pressures and opportunities for Australia's health and welfare sectors.

What new medical device inventions improve the quality of life for ageing people?

Is there a device that could be used to predict your life span?

Could a device plug into your mobile phone and assess a head injury?

Take your idea beyond the challenge

The Innovation Dojo are looking for the top three teams to continue providing support so as to help make the ideas worked on in this challenge a reality.

Our team has helped hundreds of startups make their ideas a reality! Take a look at scenes from our last Medical Device Hackathon below!

Meet your VIP Guest Mentor for the Program!!

Vip guest

The famous Sydney Biohacker,
Meow-Ludo will be leading the 2 day program, mentoring teams through two intense days of fun and learning!


January 12th

09.00am Doors Open
10.30am Hacking begins
12.30pm Lunch
2.30pm Mentor sessions
6.00pm Day 2 Finish

January 13th

09.00am Doors Open
10.30am Hacking begins
12.30pm Lunch + Pitch
1.30pm Pitch sessions
4.00pm Final Pitch
5.00pm Winner Announced Close


Haymarket HQ
2/63 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Q & A

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The top teams will be have ongoing opportunities to consult with the startup and innovation experts from Innovation Dojo. There will be opportunities to be introduced to key industry people in order to bring your ideas to reality.
This challenge is open to everyone 18 or older who wants to design, code, and build new and innovative solutions that solve the big problems.
Yes, you can! Please register your team member's name and email address in the registration form. The maximum number of people per team is 4. Are you a solo problem solver? Don't worry! Team formation is part of the challenge and we will help you! Note that you must be willing to add other participants to your team - for diversity, we would like to have at least one Japanese visiting participant join each team if possible!
You, the participants own any new IP created during the program.
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